10 Best Uses for Truffle Oil

Truffles are found in almost all parts of the world. There are hundreds of species and every specie helps in producing a different type of truffle oil. Truffle oil is mostly used for drizzling over edibles to enhance the flavor and aroma of the respective food. Chefs all over the world consider truffle oil as one of their favorite ingredients and they highly recommend adding it to enhance the flavor of your meal.

Truffle oil serves as an economic and affordable substitute to actual truffles, which can be expensive. Truffle oil is used for several reasons, but its most extensive use is as a culinary ingredient to improve the aroma and flavor of edibles and drinks.Most of the truffle oil available in the global market is not purely truffle oil, instead it is olive oil mixed with artificial aroma and flavor. Pure truffle oil when drizzled over food can make your eating experience much more enjoyable.

Here are 10 of the best uses for truffle oil;

1) Truffle Fries

Truffle oil is a very unique culinary ingredient, not just because it can be used with a wide variety of food, but also because it can be used with the same food in different ways.
Truffle oil can be infused with different types of sauces and can be poured on fries. It can also be just sprinkled on or in a bucket of fries directly without any sauce.
Some people like to dip raw potatoes slices in truffle oil and then bake them. Not only will this produce a great aroma, it also enhances the flavor of the fries and give them a golden sheen.

2) Vegetables

No matter what the vegetable, sprinkling a little truffle oil on it will enhance the taste. The term “eating experience” does not just relate to filling your tummy to the fullest, instead it is related to several factors like taste, quality and especially aroma. Your sense of smell is actually what helps you develop your taste for any given food. Truffle oil aroma is both unique and very soothing, as you inhale it’s alluring wild musk, you can feel yourself producing your own feel-good chemicals. Any and all vegetarian dishes can benefit from the refreshing kick of truffle oil aroma.

3) Italian Food

Truffle oil can be used with a wide variety of foods, but the best combination is with European foods — mainly Italian food like pizza, lasagna, all different kind of pasta, bruschetta, cheese, risotto and other Italian dishes and cuisines. Truffle oil can be either sprinkled over these dishes or you can infuse it while you prepare the meal.Everyone enjoys a good pizza, right? Next time you make pizza, add a little bit of truffle oil in the crust, and see how much better than makes your pizza.

4) Steaks

A grilled steak on a warm summer evening is tough to beat. In a select few restaurants across America, you can order a steak drizzled with an appropriate amount of truffle oil. Truffle oil can also be used with chicken, pork or lamb. Imagine being on a romantic dinner, steak being served, music playing in the background; the only thing that can make that moment better is the aroma rising from your truffle steak. There are several different types of truffle oils. One should research and use appropriate types of truffle oil with any given cuisine.

5) Soups

Truffle oil can be used with all types of soups. It is best to sprinkle some truffle oil on the soup right before serving so the aroma is at its highest level. It is not recommended to use truffle oil with every meal for too many days as it can cause indigestion, but many chefs highly recommend using truffle oil in any & all kinds of soup.

6) Mashed Potatoes

Who doesn’t like mashed potatoes? Is it possible to make them taste even better?
You bet it is, and the answer is to add truffle oil to them after they have been prepared with your favorite toppings. Truffle oil is absolutely suitable for mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes or yams.

7) Fish

Truffle oil is also served in a little bowl with fish. People can then dip the fish in the truffle oil. In some instances, truffle oil is sprinkled over the fish, instead of being served separately. Bring these 2 big, bold aromas and flavors together in an amazing combination that is sure to leave you feeling satisfied after devouring your fish dish.

8) Eggs & Breakfast

One good thing about truffle oil is that you can use it in foods at any time of the day and what better way to start a day, than with a mixture of eggs, toast and truffle oil.
There are two ways an eggs can be enjoyed with truffle oil. The egg, whether fried or an omelet, should be placed on a dish. You can either dip the egg in the truffle oil, or you can pour it on the egg itself. You do not need much oil when working with eggs, as they absorb the oil and aroma easily.

9) Truffle Oil Rags

Truffle oil has a wide variety of uses, and this one does not include food.
Truffles are a form of Fungi. They can be found in many forests around the world. Truffles are highly sought after, and because of this, anyone feeling adventurous can go truffle hunting. Dogs can help in the searching process, as well.
Rags can be dipped and soaked in truffle oil. If you are in a forest or beside a lake just let your dog sniff the truffle oil soaked rag and it can help you find actual truffles as dogs have a strong sense of smell.
Pigs are also sometimes used for the same purpose.

10) Truffle Oil Tequilas

Last but not least Truffle oil is also used in a wide variety of alcoholic drinks. It can be used as a special ingredient in several different types of Martinis and Vodka drinks, but it’s typically used in making truffle tequilas. The aroma of the truffle oil can make the tequila go down smoother. Truffle cocktails are very popular in some parts of the world, especially in Europe. Truffle cocktails are cocktail drinks infused with extremely small amounts of truffle oil.


Truffle oil can drastically improve the taste of many meals, and the aroma, lets you know when your food is about to be served. When it comes to truffle oil less is more, avoid pouring a large amount of oil on the dish. Truffle oil also goes well with garlic breads, stews, risotto, lobsters and poultry. La Tarantella Import supplies a variety of mouth watering truffle oils depending on seasonal supply, gets yours here.

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